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    We rise to illuminate the shame, ignorance and poor state of Africa
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    to help Africa embrace Technology, Transparency and Accountability.
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    The world has evolved, we have taken it upon ourselves that the future of Africa kids must be brighter.
    They must be able to compete all over the world.

Information About Us

At Levit8, we are a team of young professionals from different backgrounds with the knowledge that technology is the much awaited savior in the African story. Through diverse multi-region projects, one on one consultation, we intend to lift the ignorance veil covering the shine of the African system.

It is believed in some African circles that the 8th wonder of the world is expected to come from Africa. We want to be part of this achievement. We want to change the African story. We are tired of looking out into the world and receiving; We want the world to look into and collect from Africa. This is our vision. This is what we stand for. Lift the veil of ignorance & bring enlightenment into the world from an African torch.

Our Expert Areas

At Levit8, embarking on a life long mission of using technology to liberate Africa isn't beans. We engage project management skills, business development techniques and human resource talents to implement ideas, fix old challenges, and bring all round innovation. If we can't do it, we will say so and direct you to our mentors who can. If we can do it, we will go the extra mile to bring it to pass. Mostly we are concerned with how an idea impacts the African story. We try to picture the press release that will be sent after all is said & done. We try to picture what the NEWS will carry to the world. All this form the key ingredient to what an idea should achieve. The Value the idea creates for the people who will use it. We offer the following services to individuals and companies.


Live Streaming

In changing our narrative, we employ various means, new platforms and trending media just like the global community is doing. By telling our stories live, we can better control the outlook and global view of how Africa is seen. Live streaming offers a unique way for us to help Africans tell their stories. Whether it is a public launch, a special announcement, a government/brand press conference or in teaching customers, organizing real time webinars, listening sessions, how-to tutorials and more, going live to online platforms like Facebook, Periscope is changing how the global audience views Africa and we are very happy to power this. 

IT Consultancy

Making the best use of technology in business gives returns in terms of productivity, lower costs, faster & reliable business processes & overall profitability for the business. At Levit8 Technologies, we pride ourselves in understanding the terrain and being able to consult with you on the best way to scale business problems with technology. We can advise you on setting up remote branch connections, managing your WAN, implementing CCTV, choosing appropriate CRMs and business tools, managing your mobile fleet, starting an ecommerce store and many more. We have partnered with top IT integrators, OEMs and custom developers to provide unique solutions that work for you. With continued support, we also keep your IT up to date with new & upgraded technologies available for you.

Business Development

It is often costly to operate a Business Development team. Part of their tasks include Sales & Marketing but who does the R&D involved in the marketing. Outsourcing your business development not allows you save money but allows you tap into the wealth of experience we have gathered on how to launch your product or service in Africa. We will carry out the following for you - Market research - Digital Marketing - Surveys

Project Management

So you have the idea, and you have the goal. You have done your feasibility tests and you have identified your target. You haven't? Refer to our Business Development services above.

What we do under our Project Management.

1. Project Scope: What exactly are we doing? Where are we going and how are we going to get there. This long overview of the entirety of a project often determines how well a project will go and whether it will come to completion and even then if it will serve it's intended purpose. We touch each instance of an idea and see how it affects all necessary stakeholders who will interact with it. We take into consideration all operations of the idea. We ask questions that go as far as how will the system upgrade or what direction will the platform take tomorrow. We use all the above to draw up a project scope that entails the life instance of an idea. It becomes a guideline to which all stakeholders & operations get their cue from. The project scope gradually evolves over time. Features are added, some are crossed off, future updates are noted and more is done to enable a project stay on track.

2. Talent Acquisition: This involves hiring the human resources you will need to implement your idea. A typical project will need designers, developers, interns (someone has to fetch coffee), digital marketers, as well as professional experts in their fields. We contact the right individuals (or companies) for your project based on project scope, your budget & more importantly their zeal for projects like yours (Some talents love working on e-commerce projects while others are at home on a social networking project).

3. Testing/Feedback/Analysis: The idea implemented has to be subjected to all manners of testing & scenario. Sometimes this tests get brutal and it may seem like we are attempting to kill the idea. We are only taking all measures to ensure the implemented idea lives, and that it fulfills its purpose. From IAT, UAT, controlled launches, beta reviews and more, we continually engage various (applicable) techniques to make sure an idea stays firm, it stays strong, it is able to beat its competition when they come for it and more importantly, the user utilizing it gets the best of service.

Gadget/Hardware/Software procurement

Because we love to play with technology, we have developed an extra ear (or eye) that allows us sense the best IT tools to perform various tasks and achieve different results. We can help you choose what hardware or software to go with to solve a problem. Are you looking for a gift for your customers & loyal patrons, we often know the trending tech gadgets and can often help you get them, brand them and offer to your loyal patrons to show you appreciate their loyalty.

Our Product

We call them enhancements, as per, to transform your devices and achieve real functionality. Our careful selection of quality and practical gadgets will give you an extra edge in achieving your goals. They have been chosen via experience and via listening to what professionals need on a day to day basis to function. Whether you work, school, or lazy about, our selection of gadgets will present new opportunities to network, engage and innovate in your endeavors. See some of our fine collections on our shop.

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